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Statistical analysis of India’s Test batting performances over the past 3 years

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The Indian cricket team under Virat Kohli is riding high at the number one position of the ICC World Test Rankings for Teams. India has 115 rating points and is six above second-placed New Zealand. Their recent win came against the West Indies by a 2-0 margin away from home. Batting has been a key component of India’s show in Test cricket. Also, the current crop of pacers has produced equally strong results to make it an all-round show. Let us have a look at the statical analysis of India test batting records over the past 3 years.
India has dominated the Test circuit since quite some time now and India test batting records certainly proves it. Looking back at the last three years (2017, 2018 and now 2019) there has been a strong element of consistency. But how have the batsmen shaped up? In 2017 and 2018, India test batting records name Indian skipper Kohli dominated the show with the bat. Cheteshwar Pujara did well and in fact, bettered Kohli’s tally in 2017. In 2019, the likes of Hanuma Vihari and Ajinkya Rahane have stepped up.
India has played plenty of Tests in these three years. For India test batting records as of now since the start of 2017, India has played 28 Tests in total. 11 Tests have been played at home. 14 Tests have been played outside the subcontinent. Three Tests have been played in Sri Lanka.
In 2017, India played 11 Tests in total. They won seven. In 2018, the side was involved in 14 Tests. They won seven. This year, India has played three Tests and won two. Out of these 16 Test victories, batting at large has been commendable.
However, several players were dropped over the course of time in this time phase. In this article, we will focus on India test batting records and performances in batting both at home and away over the last three years. Although, we will look at the players that are present in the current scheme of things. This is because these very players are set to feature in the near future and be part of the ICC World Test Championship 2019-21.
India’s next Test assignment is a three-match series against South Africa, starting October 2.

A look at India’s top-order during this time phase

KL Rahul poor form
The current Indian team sees Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul open the innings. Prithvi Shaw is currently facing a doping ban and will return once his suspension ends in November. On the contrary, Cheteshwar Pujara has been steady as a rock at number three. He managed 2,173 runs at an average of 47.23. He smashed eight tons.
Mayank has made a good shift in the side since his debut against Australia in 2018-19.
Shaw also got off to a terrific start in 2018 against Windies. KL Rahul has struggled since the start of 2018 in the India test batting records. In 24 Tests since 2017, he has scored just 1,211 runs. This highlights his lack of consistency.

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Here are the performances of the top order

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
Prithvi Shaw 2 237 134 118.5 1/1
KL Rahul 24 1,211 149 29.53 10/1
Mayank Agarwal 4 275 77 39.28 3/0
C Pujara 27 2,173 202 47.23 9/8

Performances of the top order at home

Shaw dictated the show against Windies in his lone Test series in 2018 at home. He smashed a ton and a fifty for 237 runs. Rahul has done a decent job. To note, the majority of his runs came in 2017. He had a superb campaign against Australia and Sri Lanka. He averages 41.57 from 10 Tests across this period.
Pujara has dominated the show. He featured in 11 Tests and amassed 905 runs in total at 56.56 reads the India test batting records. He smashed six fifties and two hundred with a best of 202 against the Aussies.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
Prithvi Shaw 2 237 134 118.5 1/1
KL Rahul 10 582 90 41.57 8/0
Mayank Agarwal N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
C Pujara 11 905 202 56.56 6/2

Performances of top-order away from home

Rahul has been a disaster away from home lowering his India test batting records. Besides some runs in Lanka in 2017, he has fallen sharply in 2018 and 2019. In 14 Tests, Rahul managed only 629 runs at 25.16. His best of 149 against England see that average in that zone.
Mayank has looked promising in just the 4 Test matches. He is averaging 39.28 with three fifties under his belt. Pujara has been decent with 1,268 runs in 16 Tests. He had a defining series in Australia and put in some shows in England as well. Prior to that, he did amazingly well in 2017 against Lanka.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
Prithvi Shaw N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
KL Rahul 14 629 149 25.16 2/1
Mayank Agarwal 4 275 77 39.28 3/0
C Pujara 16 1,268 193 43.72 3/6

A look at India’s middle-order during this time phase

Test Captaincy Record
As expected, Kohli leads the charge for India test batting records. He has amassed 2,540 runs in 26 Tests at 56.44. He scored 10 tons in this phase, besides 8 fifties with a best of 243. India’s vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane hasn’t fared well. He has been lackluster with an average of 33.79 from 26 Tests.
Hanuma Vihari has settled in well. In six Tests, he has already scored 456 runs at 45.60. Rohit Sharma hasn’t quite got the opportunities. However, the talismanic batsman has scored 401 runs in six Tests. He averages a healthy 50.12 with a best of 102*.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
Virat Kohli 26 2,540 243 56.44 8/10
Ajinkya Rahane 26 1,487 132 33.79 10/2
Hanuma Vihari 6 456 111 45.60 3/1
Rohit Sharma 6 401 102* 50.12 3/1

Performances of the middle order at home

Kohli has been stupendous at home. In nine Tests, he has scored 1,082 runs at an average of 83.23. His best of 243 came in 2017. Kohli amassed five tons during this phase to lead the show.
Rahane has struggled at home. He has scored just 456 runs in 11 Tests at 28.5. Rahane amassed three fifties with a best of 82.
Rohit shined against Sri Lanka at home in 2017. In the two Tests, he scored 217 runs at 217.00. His best was of 102*. He deserves a chance against SA in the upcoming Tests.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
Virat Kohli 09 1,082 243 83.23 1/5
Ajinkya Rahane 11 456 82 28.5 3/0
Hanuma Vihari N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rohit Sharma 2 217 102* 217.00 2/1

Performances of the middle order away from home

Kohli leads the charts for India away from home as well. In 17 Tests, he has scored 1,458 runs at 48.60. His best of 153 came in South Africa in 2018. He has amassed 5 centuries in this phase.
Rahane has a much better look away from home. In 15 Tests, he has amassed 1,031 runs at 41.24. He notched up two tons in this phase with a best of 132.
Vihari has played all his matches so far away from home. Therefore, it has been a sound start.
Rohit hasn’t quite got going. In 4 Tests he has 184 runs at 26.28. However, he can claim lack of outings as a reason for the same.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
Virat Kohli 17 1,458 153 48.60 7/5
Ajinkya Rahane 15 1,031 132 41.24 5/2
Hanuma Vihari 6 456 111 45.60 3/1
Rohit Sharma 4 184 63 26.28 1/0

A look at India’s lower middle-order during this time phase

Pant in Tests
India’s wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant has had a strong start to his Test career since making his debut against England in 2018. He has scored 754 runs in 11 Tests with a best of 159* at 44.35. He is learning the trades and has a bright future.
All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has been an able support for Team India. In 18 Tests, he has amassed 712 runs at 44.50 with a best of 100*. Pandya hasn’t quite delivered with the bat in his 11-match career. He averages 31.29 with one hundred under his belt. He has been unlucky with injuries as well.
Lastly, Saha, who has been bothered by injuries, has played 12 Tests with 431 runs. He has an average of 35.91 that includes 2 hundred.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
W Saha 12 431 117 35.91 1/2
Hardik Pandya 11 532 108 31.29 4/1
Ravindra Jadeja 18 712 100* 44.50 7/1
Rishabh Pant 11 754 159* 44.35 2/2

Performances of the lower middle order at home

Pant features in just two Tests at home with a best of 92 in his 184-run mark. His real test begins now. Jadeja has been a fine example. With three fifties and 1 hundred, the all-rounder has put in a shift for Team India. Pandya has played just one Test at home and he amassed 71 runs.
Saha showed some character in 2017 and scored 324 runs in 8 matches at 54.00.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
W Saha 8 324 117 54.00 0/2
Hardik Pandya 1 71 71 71.00 1/0
Ravindra Jadeja 11 363 100* 40.33 3/1
Rishabh Pant 2 184 92 92.00 1/0

Performances of the lower middle order away from home

Away from home, Pant showed his class against England and then also in Australia. Two amass two hundred in such a short span of time show his immense value. He could be a real deal in the future outside India. In nine games, he has 570 runs at 38.00 with a best of 159*.
Jadeja has decently for India in crucial situations. The willingness is there to hang on. With an average of 49.85 and four fifties, Jaddu has been a decent hand.
Pandya hasn’t quite flourished. In 10 matches, he has 461 runs at 28.81. One needs to give him some time. Saha has struggled immensely away from home and with a dismal average of 21.4, the struggles have been evident.

Batsmen Matches Runs Best Average 50/100
W Saha 4 107 67 21.4 1/0
Hardik Pandya 10 461 108 28.81 3/1
Ravindra Jadeja 7 349 81 49.85 4/0
Rishabh Pant 9 570 159* 38.00 1/2


India’s main crux in batting is Kohli and Pujara. They are the two pillars across venues. The likes of Vihari and Rahane have produced the goods away from home. It’s time to see them get cracking at home. Jadeja’s numbers have really impressed me. He continues to be a solid option for the side.
However, the rest need to catch up on and bring in that level of consistency.
KL Rahul has been a failure and it’s time he should sit and analyze his performances. County cricket could help him. Pant and Pandya have to bring that intent and promise on the pitch. They have what it takes to win games for India with their aggressive style and approach.

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