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Online casinos: History, Advantages, and Types of Bonuses Offered

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Online gambling grew from its humble beginnings to the current gigantic multi-million dollar industry present in all corners of the planet. Online gambling is an extremely popular industry that has expanded in a relatively short time in practically every country in the world. Although it is basically a business, online gambling did not start out very strong. The slow start and its exponential growth in the last decade respond to improvements in the security and quality of games.

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The first gaming jurisdiction was created in Antigua and Barbuda, a small Caribbean country. It was established in 1994, when new legislation legalized online casinos, allowing operators to receive licenses for online gambling sites. While the changes were novel, the popularity of online gambling, and even general internet usage, were low. It would take several years to reach the current growth and cultural phenomenon that gambling and betting have become.

Another important pillar in the history of online casinos is the appearance of the first dedicated software developer. The company was called Micorgaming and was created in 1994. Another development that helped the industry grow was the improvement of security. With improved security, more and more customers were able to use the gaming websites. Things changed in 1995 when Cryptologic began providing secure transactions. With secure transactions becoming a reality, Microgaming wasted no time and launched the first real money online casino in October 1995.

But even with specific software and secure transactions, online casinos did not take off immediately. In fact, although the first real money casino was launched in 1995, the first bet was not made at an online casino until 1996. It happened at InterCasino which offered a total of 18 games.

The industry began to pick up pace in 1998, when online casinos became popular. It was during this year that Microgaming launched the first progressive slot. Cash Splash was based on an accumulated jackpot, which could be won at any time and which would grow with any bet placed on the game. This helped the growth of the industry and by the arrival of the year 2000 there were already some 700 operating online casinos in the market.

More permissive legislation was passed in the following years, making it easier to obtain licenses. The biggest change happened in the UK, which adopted progressive legislation that gave a lot of freedom for online gambling back in 2005.

But not all the legislation was favorable for online gambling and in 2006 the UIGEA in the USA outlawed online gambling through banks. The industry continued to grow in Europe and other international markets while lawmakers in the United States advanced in favor of the ban, culminating in the closure of numerous huge brands in 2011.

A variant of traditional casinos

Casinos and gambling have been one of the main entertainments for many people around the world for years. Over the course of the last few years, online casinos have become a variant of traditional casinos widely consumed by thousands and thousands of players and fans from all over. The truth is that they have many advantages that make them the preferred alternative, and in this article we are going to delve into the reasons that make online casinos such an interesting option.

Play in an online casino

In the same way as a traditional casino, an online casino houses thousands of games where you can play and bet money. We can find from backgammon, poker and its varieties, blackjack, slots, roulette, bingo, and so on. Of each type of game, in turn, there is a great variety to choose from according to the preferences of each player. The best free online casino brings together all the variants and makes them available to its loyal fans. This is possibly one of the main advantages of these types of casinos, and one of the reasons why so many people choose them.

Advantages of playing in online casinos

Online casino sites are more and more visited. In addition to the variety of games, they offer an unbeatable benefit that is nothing more and nothing less than comfort. To be able to play in an online casino it is not necessary to move or make uncomfortable movements, because we can do it from the ease of our home, at the time and during the days we want it. You do not need more than a computer or mobile phone, and an internet connection to be able to access a free online casino, since access does not imply any type of cost. It is true that when playing certain games, eventually you will have to start investing, however, online casinos often offer benefits, discounts and bonuses that become another great attraction.

Unique offers and the chance to win incredible prizes often appear with the games at these casinos, opportunities that are not so often found in traditional casinos. In this way, we can start playing with free spins and interesting bonuses that make the experience even more fun, allowing us to even try the games before deciding to invest real money. In addition, all our data is protected, something that is very important when playing in a casino. The truth is that not everyone likes the idea of ​​being seen in a casino, for whatever reason, so with a reputable online casino it is possible to guarantee absolute discretion, since no one but ourselves has why know what we are doing.

On the other hand, there are many more possibilities to decide, because in online casinos the customer is prioritized. We can play as many times as we want, without prohibitions, taking advantage of good streaks. All the winnings that we obtain with the spins will be deposited into our bank account automatically, and this is another of the great advantages that make many players opt for online casinos. Being able to dispose of the money that we have won fairly and immediately is a great point in favor, since we can do whatever we want with it, even continue playing in the event that we are only using a certain amount for that purpose.

Mobile expansion

Mobile expansion has also been gigantic, helping the entire industry grow above any predictions, while attracting many new players.                              

The competition between the websites of the bookmakers and casinos is constantly growing. They all offer a level playing field and all use additional funds to attract more customers and make their visitors bet more. Bonuses and ad campaigns are the best promotional method that ideally works for the benefit of gambling sites and players.

Bonuses have not always existed in the game. They appeared in online casinos when their number began to increase and there was a need to differentiate themselves from the competition. The same is happening now with sports betting houses. Different sites offer different sets of bonuses, and the responsible player always tries to find the site with the best offers. Some players use guides that collect suggestions from various sites.

Players prefer to visit different bookmakers and casinos to find out what they can get without any extra effort or cash investment. Get here information about the bonuses offered in casinos to choose the best offer.

Types of bonuses offered in casinos

The EagleBet Bonus has recently taken the online casino by storm for its fantastic value, however, it is just one that the online gambling world has to offer.  There are several types of bonuses offered by online casino websites. Below are more details.

No deposit bonus and free spins

One of the most popular bonuses in casinos is the no deposit bonus and free spins. As the name says, to receive this type of bonus you do not need to make any deposit. Free spins can also be received without having to make a deposit. Either way, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions attached to the voucher.

Deposit bonus

This is a deposit bonus that is regularly offered on bookmaker sites and in casinos. Represents the percentage of funds the player receives in addition to their deposit.  This type of bonus is usually limited, so it is important to check the conditions before claiming the bonus. Another point that you should verify is the amount of the bonus that you will receive. There are minimum deposit casinos that can be very useful for those who do not want to make a high deposit. For example, there is an online casino with a minimum deposit of 5 dollars.

First bet bonus

This type of bonus encourages you not only to make your first deposit but also to make your first bet with real money. The bonus is paid according to the same principle as the deposit bonus, but with a slight difference: the size of the bonus depends on the type of bet you place.

The cash back bonus

This is a bonus with similar mechanics to the first bet bonus, with some differences. The cash back bonus allows you to place a free qualifying bet. Generally, some bookmakers have restrictions on this bonus: for example, the probability must be the exact size. An important aspect of this bonus is that it has certain wagering requirements. So if you win the money, you won’t be able to withdraw it until you meet the specified requirements.

Weekly bonus bets

Free bets help players to bet without the risk of bankruptcy. Online bookmakers or casinos have found that free bets attract more and more players than deposit bonuses.

VIP and loyalty programs

Everyone wants to feel a special attitude where they play. Traditional bookmakers or casinos have taken the first step towards identifying loyal players and have created so-called VIP clubs.

Online casinos and bookmakers have gone even further: they have added loyalty programs for all casino members, even those who don’t make big deposits and don’t make big bets. They have created the same approach for each customer, which leads to greater loyalty towards the bookmaker or casino. The websites create loyalty clubs where players accumulate loyalty points and can redeem them for bonuses, convert them to money or save them to reach a new level.

It can be concluded that online casinos are one step ahead of the traditional ones due to their digital nature, allowing for faster adaptation. Today, the difference between gambling at a traditional casino and a conventional casino is almost nonexistent.

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