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New Zealand vs India ODI Series: Indian Player Ratings Out of 10

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In the recent three-match ODI series against New Zealand, India failed to manage a single win and this was the first white-wash for India after 1989 in the ODI series.
There were a lot of things that didn’t work out in favor of the team and the captain. The biggest disadvantage for the Indian team was the absence of the regular top-order as Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan were out because of injuries.
India’s bowling attack underperformed and our main bowler, Japrit Bumrah couldn’t land a single wicket. 
New Zealand players played a brilliant game and took great advantage of the faults that the Indian team made and won the series 3-0.
After winning the T20 series by 5-0, no one had thought that the Indian team would lose the ODI series and it looked like a piece of cake to the fans.
The New Zealand team worked up for the ODI matches and knew where to target the Indian players. The three matches that the teams played were a great conclusion to the white-ball cricket in the series. 
For team India, only a few players performed brilliantly while the others lacked in some way or another, especially the bowling attack.
India’s main fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah has been inconsistent since his return after the injury and Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini, and Mohammed Shami didn’t perform as expected.
The absence of Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar was quite prominent as the team was unable to stop runs in the early overs. 
With the upcoming test series against New Zealand, the captain and the coach will have to overlook some points and carry down the team to a winning start. The ODI series was a bit of a mess but the Indian team emerged out with a few advantages and clarity over some positions. As we move forward, let’s take a look at how the Indian players fared throughout the series and who was the best performer of the lot. 

Prithvi Shaw

Statistics: M – 3 | Runs – 84 | Not Out – 0 | Player Rating: 4.5
The young right-handed batsman from Delhi worked hard enough in domestic cricket to get a chance in the Indian team at such a young age.
He was introduced to the ODI team as the replacement for injured Shikhar Dhawan and this was an opportunity for the youngster to exhibit his batting skills and stamp his position as an opener in the team.
The youngster tried hard to perform but lack of experience bowled the young fellow before he could make his mark. 
In the last match of the ODI, it looked like Prithvi Shaw will drift towards scoring a good score but his lack of analyzing the situation resulted in a run-out and he was dismissed for 40.
The young talent has a promising future ahead but he needs to focus more on domestic cricket so that he is prepared fully before getting in the team as a regular batsman.
Prithvi Shaw couldn’t stand out in the series but this was just a start for the batsman and we hope to see more of the player.
This year’s IPL will be a big break for the youngster and it will be a delight to see how his future endeavors shape out. 

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Mayank Agarwal

Statistics: M: 3 | Runs: 36 | Not Out – 0 | Player Rating: 3
The second opener of the Indian cricket team, Mayank Agarwal made his debut with the New Zealand ODI series along with Prithvi Shaw. Mayank Agarwal is not new to the Indian team and has prior experience as a proven Test player. He was introduced to the ODI team after Rohit Sharma injured himself in the last match of the T20 series against New Zealand. For Mayank Agarwal, this was an opportunity to showcase his skills in the limited over format but the batsman failed to fulfill the expectations. 
He managed a 30+ score in just one match and couldn’t score a two-figure score in either of the other two ODIs. Thre was a lot resting on his shoulders as he was the experienced batsman of the two openers and if he could’ve batted a longer inning, India would have a strong base set up for the middle order. This series was a disaster for the young man and we hope he can come back stronger. 

Virat Kohli

Statistics: M: 3 | Runs: 75 | Not Out – 0 | Player Rating: 6
The Indian captain and one of the finest players in the world, Virat Kohli failed to ease off the pressure for his team and failed to score a big score in any of the matches. He was solely dependent on Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul to guide the team somewhere and his captaincy was a bit off too. He constantly played Kedar Jadhav in place of Manish Pandey in the first two ODIs and it wasn’t the very best of decisions by him.
His presence on the field as a fielder was brilliant but his involvement with the bat wasn’t that much and it looked like the batsman was going through a rough patch in the series. Virat is a kind of player who regains form quicker than a chameleon changes its color and hopefully he will be there leading his team from the front. His batting abilities, especially in the chase sequences are so good and the fans want to see him break several records as a batsman as well as the captain. 

Shreyas Iyer

Statistics: M: 3 | Runs: 217 | Not Out – 0 | Player Rating: 8.5
Shreyas Iyer was brilliant in this New Zealand tour and the No. 4 position has finally got a recipient who is capable of strengthening the innings. In the first match against New Zealand, Shreyas scored a century and handled the innings when the two openers failed to put on a good score. Iyer has been a brilliant player and leads the Delhi Capitals’ side in the IPL and with the inclusion in the Indian team, Shreyas will now try to maintain his form and become a regular member of the team.
His scoring ability was quite evident in the first few matches of the T20 series but his experience and patience showcase when he stabilized the innings in the ODI format. He along with KL Rahul created a beautiful partnership to help the team finish on a big total. Apart from being a brilliant batsman, Iyer is a fantastic fielder and has hardly missed any catches. 

KL Rahul

Statistics: M: 3 | Runs: 204 | Not Out – 1 | Player Rating: 9
KL Rahul is a member of the team who can nail any role that his captain has asked. KL was consistent with his bat in the T20 series as well as the ODI series. In the T20 series, he opened alongside Rohit Sharma while in the ODI series he was shifted to the No. 5 position to play the role of the finisher. Ever since Rishabh Pant suffered a concussion in the series against Australia, KL has taken up the role of a regular wicket-keeper as well. 
KL will be the captain of Kings XI Punjab franchise this year in the IPL and it will be a great test of his competency as a player and a captain. Rahul has played the role of a finisher with ease in the ODI format and with him batting down the order, the middle-order looks stronger than ever. It will be great to see him take India leaps and bounds with his extraordinary batting skills as he knows his game perfectly.

Manish Pandey 

Statistics: M: 1 | Runs: 42 | Not Out  – 0 \ Player Rating: 6.5
Manish Pandey is another name in the middle order who was brilliant throughout the tournament in whatever chances he got. He wasn’t played that much in the ODI series and just played the final match. In the T20 series, Pandey remained not out in all the five matches and was exceptionally brilliant on the field. 
Manish Pandey is not just a brilliant batsman but is an exceptional fielder too. In the only match he played in the ODI series, Pandey showcased his strategic prowess on the field and formed a beautiful partnership with KL Rahul to take the team forward. In an intense situation, Pandey’s presence on the field was comforting for the fans. The team was in desperate need of a lower middle-order batsman and Pandey just fits the bill.

Kedar Jadhav

Statistics: M: 2 | Runs: 35 | Not Out – 1 | Player Rating: 4
Kedar Jadhav looked like an unnecessary inclusion in the team and didn’t perform his role to the full extent. He was in the team as a batting and bowling option but Virat didn’t allow him to ball and Jadhav wasn’t that good on the field too. Manish Pandey replaced him in the final match and suited the position better than him. 
His quickfire innings in the first ODI was a highlight of his performance but he couldn’t handle the pressure in the next match and was dropped from the team. Kedar was one of the weak links of the team and his presence didn’t matter much on the field. 

Ravindra Jadeja

Bowling Statistics: Overs: 30 | Runs:  144 | Wickets: 2
Batting Statistics: M: 3 | Innings: 2 | Runs: 63 | Not Out: 1 | Player Rating: 7.5
The Rajput boy was one of the most influential players in the Indian team in the ODI series as well as the T20 series. One of the experienced players in the field, Jadeja made most of this opportunity and showcased his skills with the bat as well as the ball. He was in the team as a bowling all-rounder and he provided breakthroughs whenever the team required him too. 
He didn’t concede many runs compared to his fellow bowlers and was exceptional on the field. Jadeja is one of the best fielders in the world right now and his pro-activeness saved quite a few runs. Having Jadeja in the team is always a blessing and he is one of the finest bowling all-rounders right now. 

Shardul Thakur

Bowling Statistics: Overs: 28.1 | Runs: 227 | Wickets: 4
Batting Statistics: M: 3 | Innings: 1 | Runs: 18 | Not Out: 0 | Player Rating: 6
Shardul Thakur was one of the leading wicket-takers for the Indian team but he conceded a lot of runs to compensate for his wicket-taking ability. He proved his ability with the bat in the T20 series but couldn’t perform in the same manner in the second ODI when he got the opportunity. 
Shardul is not a typical fast bowler who would bowl some great yorkers in the death overs but he can tame the batsmen. He played good but not fully to his capabilities and the bowling attack of the team is one of the reasons for India’s loss. 

Yuzvendra Chahal

Statistics: Overs: 20 | Runs: 105 | Wickets: 6 | Player Rating: 8
Chahal was the only good thing in the Indian bowling attack as he didn’t concede many runs and took a major share in the wicket-taking section. He missed the first match where Kuldeep Yadav was played in his place but it wasn’t a great decision by the captain. Chahal is one of the best spinners in the Indian dugout right now. 
Yuzi scalped wickets and broke great partnerships on the field but his brilliant bowling couldn’t save the team from losing but he displayed brilliant cricket. The only strand in the bowling line-up who was capable of dominating the opposition, Chahal worked effectively on the field and it will be great to see him return.

Kuldeep Yadav

Player Rating: 5
Kuldeep Yadav played the first match of the series and was replaced by Yuzi Chahal in the next matches. Although he picked up some crucial wickets in the first ODI, he conceded too many runs for those two wickets. He didn’t perform to his full potential in the match and missed a few opportunities on the field too. 
Kuldeep Yadav has been India’s regular bowler along with Yuzvendra Chahal but his recent bowling stats don’t make him an ideal fit as the sole spinner in the team. He will have to polish his skills and concede fewer runs to make a comfortable return to the team.

Navdeep Saini

Bowling Statistics: Overs: 18 | Runs: 116 | Wickets: 0
Batting Statistics: M: 2 | Innings: 1 | Runs: 45 | Not Out: 0 | Player Rating: 4.5
Navdeep Saini was brought in the team as Mohammad Shami’s replacement after the first ODI, but he wasn’t able to perform to an extent. Navdeep was better with his bat than he was with the ball. He scored a good score of 45 when the team needed a batsman to stick by Ravindra Jadeja during the chase. 
His run with the ball was rather poor and he couldn’t perform to his capability. He was brilliant with the ball in the Australia series as well as the T20 series against New Zealand, but in the ODI series, he couldn’t manage to grab a few wickets.

Jasprit Bumrah

Statistics: Overs: 30 | Runs: 167 | Wickets: 0 | Player Rating: 5
Jasprit Bumrah has been India’s leading bowler for a good time and he recently returned from injury but his presence didn’t have much effect on the opponents. His spell was in vain and he couldn’t manage to grab a single wicket in the ODI series. His T20 run wasn’t that good either and he is not in the best of his form but the team needs the bowler to return to his form. 
Bumrah is one of the most dangerous bowlers when it comes to white-ball cricket but he just hasn’t been able to perform since his return from the injury. The captain relied on him to get some wickets but Burmah was surprisingly easy for the New Zealand batsmen.

Mohammad Shami

Statistics: Overs: 9.1 | Runs: 63 | Wickets: 1 | Player Rating: 6 
The right-handed pacer was rested in the last two ODIs by the captain as the Test series was approaching and he needed some rest before it. Mohammad Shami has been India’s prime bowler for a good amount of time and was the most experienced bowler in the current series. 
He couldn’t manage to influence much in the only match he played but he didn’t concede many runs either, so his performance was a bit of average. Shami is an exceptional fast bowler and a lot of expectations ride on the bowler. It will be good to see the bowler return to pick up some good wickets and showcase his dominance on the field.
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